DVB-C2 modulator

DVB-C2 standard provides 30% additional efficiency compared to DVB-C standard.
DVB-C2 has also been designed to gain benefits of cable analogue switch-off especially in downstream.

Teleview supplies three different DVB-C2 modulators; either by USB with TVB599A or using PC Express board with TVB598, or using TCP/IP (Ethernet) using TVB599/LAN.

TVB599A can be used as DVB-C2 modulator.
Thanks to the USB input, the modulator can be use with any PC desktop or notebook.

TVB598 is PC Express board that has been designed to use very small CPU power of the PC while modulating DVB-C2.

The third product is TCP/IP modulator TVB599/LAN that can deliver DVB-C2 modulation.
This product can be also used as stand-alone product after proper setup: DVB-C2 modulation can be done without PC. Once TVB599/LAN has booted, it will modulate using a stream stored in a USB memory.

If you need more information about DVB-C2 you can visit DVB.org for instance here.

To have DVB-C2 modulation with USB connectivity: TVB599A
To have DVB-C2 modulation with LAN (TCP/IP): TVB599/LAN
To have DVB-C2 modulation with PC Express (PCI Express): TVB598

DVB-C is also available on TVB599A, TVB598 and TVB599/LAN

Additional modulations are available on TVB599A, TVB598 and TVB599/LAN. Click here to get more information.

Streams can be played either:
- Directly from hard disk of any PC having a USB connector for TVB599A or through the PC Express bus of the PC for TVB598.
- From USB memory connected to TVB599/LAN
- Through an ASI or SMPTE-310M inputs

ASI output is supplied on TVB599 and TVB598  is for monitoring purpose.

To get more technical information, you can download  the datasheet of the TVB599A or the datasheet of the TVB598 or datasheet of the TVB599/LAN.